Top 10 nba busts decade

1 Top 10 nba busts decade
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Here is a compilation of ten of the biggest NBA Draft busts that the league saw during the past decade. Included in this list is a player or two that were passed up on in that same draft. For the sake of all the NBA general managers currently employed the day before the start of a new decade, let us hope that one of these players won’t cost them their jobs.

10 Shelden Williams

Picked fifth overall in 2006 by the Atlanta Hawks. One pick after Williams, Brandon Roy was selected by Portland.

9 Mike Sweetney

Drafted by the Knicks ninth overall in 2003. New York passed on David West who was drafted 8 picks later by New Orleans.

8 Rafael Araujo

The big man out of BYU was drafted by Toronto eighth overall in 2004. One pick after Araujo was taken went Andre Iguodala to the Sixers.

7 DaJuan Wagner

A year before the Cavs changed the landscape of their franchise by drafting Lebron James, Cleveland took Wagner with the sixth pick in the 2002 draft. Picks number nine and 10 of that draft were Amar’e Stoudemire and Caron Butler accordingly.

6 Nikoloz Tskitishvili

Hoping that they were about to acquire the next European big man sensation in the Dirk Nowitzki mold, Denver drafted Tskitishvili fifth overall in 2002. Unfortunately for the Nuggets he did not, and they passed on the before mentioned Stoudemire and Butler.

5 Marcus Fizer

Picked fourth overall in the 2000 draft, Fizer could never live up to his potential coming out of college from Iowa St. Hedo Turkoglu was taken 16th overall by Sacramento out of Turkey. Chicago did make a good move picking up Jamal Crawford in a draft day trade.

4 Adam Morrison

The only player on this list with a championship ring (thanks Kobe). Adam Morrison was drafted with the 3rd pick in the 2006 draft by Charlotte. The Bobcats are surely kicking themselves for not taking Portland All star Brandon Roy with that 3rd pick.

3 Stromile Swift

The super athletic, long shot blocking specialist from LSU seemed like a can’t miss prospect when he was taken 2nd overall by the Grizzlies in 2000. Much like many on this list, he never panned out. Another SEC stud, Mike Miller was taken three picks later by Orlando.

2 Darko Milicic

Detroit bought into the hype and paid for it greatly. Milicic was the 2nd pick in the 2003 draft, taken right after Lebron James and before the likes of Carmelo Anthony, Dwyane Wade, Chris Bosh, etc. If it weren’t for those big names taken after him he might be more like No. 5 on this list, but history does not lie. Carmelo sure would have looked good in the Piston blue and red.

1 Kwame Brown

You knew it was coming. Coincidentally here is a picture of Brown defending Pau Gasol who was later traded to the Lakers (Kwame Brown a main piece of that trade) and has been to two NBA Finals appearances in his two years of service with LA. Brown on the other hand was drafted first overall in the 2001 Draft by the Wizards then traded to . No reason to beat a dead horse, but Washington passed on guess who?… Pau Gasol who was taken third overall by Atlanta later traded to Memphis. Happy New Year!

Top nba busts decade1 Top 10 nba busts decade

pinit fg en rect gray 28 Top 10 nba busts decade
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